What is tapentadol?

An opioid painkiller is tapentadol. A narcotic is another name for an opioid.

A prescription drug called tapentadol is used to treat moderate to severe pain.

Nucynta ER, a type of tapentadol with an extended release, is used to treat chronic pain that is uncontrolled by other medications. Tapentadol in extended-release form should not be used to treat pain on an as-needed basis.

Tapentadol side effects

The negative effects of all opioids, including tapentadol, can include breathing problems that are lethal or life-threatening. These carry a higher risk:

when you initially start taking tapentadol, following a dosage increase, if you are older, if you already have a lung condition.

Similar to other opioids, tapentadol has a number of negative effects, including:

nausea, dizziness, sleepiness, digestive issues including constipation or vomiting,

The likelihood of experiencing one or more adverse effects increases with dose.

How to take Tapentadol?

Exactly as directed by your doctor, take tapentadol. Read all medication instructions and adhere to the guidelines on your prescription label. Never exceed the recommended dose or duration of usage of tapentadol. If you experience a stronger desire to take additional tapentadol, let your doctor know.

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